Why You Should Give To The Max November 16

Since 2009, GiveMN.org has paired charitable donors with qualified charitable organizations in a uniquely Minnesota movement known as Give To The Max Day.

Last year alone, donors anted up more than $20 million over a 24-hour period to support their favorite causes. To date, Give To The Max Day has raised over $125 million dollars for Minnesota-based charitable organizations.

Below are 3 reasons why you should give to the max on November 16th

1. GiveMN makes giving easy. Online giving is probably the easiest and safest way to make a financial contribution to your favorite organization. Simply go to Givemn.org. Click the donate button. Find a cause. Make a donation.

To make things even easier this year, GiveMN has set up their website so that gifts made online between November 1 and November 15 will all count towards the tally on Give To The Max Day on the 16th. Hopefully, this will smooth out the process so that the computer systems aren’t stressed to the max.


2. Contributions are often matched. To max out Give To The Max Day many organizations set up matching funds where your donation is matched dollar-for-dollar. If you want to search for organizations that have matching contributions you can do so by clicking the “Just Show Causes With Matching Gifts” button. You donate a dollar. They get two. Not a bad investment.

As if that’s not enough, your donation could also be the winner of a “Golden Ticket”. Every hour throughout the day, a Golden Ticket worth $1,000 will be randomly awarded to a lucky donor’s favorite charity. In addition, a Super-Sized Golden Ticket worth $10,000 will be awarded on November 16th.   Learn more about prizes and incentives by visiting this page on the Give To The Max website.

3. You decide where your money goes. One of the things I dislike about paying taxes is that I have no control over where my money goes or how it is used. Unfortunately, many people feel the same way about charitable donations.

GiveMN makes it easy to research charitable causes to find the ones that best align with your values and who will make the best use of your financial gift. The Give To The Max Day website not only allows you to search for your favorite charitable organization, but many organizations also include a detailed web page with information about how your gift gets used. Many pages also have links to Guidestar or Charity Navigator where you can really drill down into the financial details of your favorite cause before you make a final decision.


Side note: Charity Navigator is possibly the best and easiest site to research charitable organizations.

A quick glance at any newspaper gives a long list of the problems we face in our world today. But you can help make a difference. Lilly Tomlin once said, “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized, ‘I am somebody’.”

Be somebody and give to the max on November 16th, click here.