Why I Love Platform University

Platform University's Checklist

Platform University’s Checklist

Reach more people. Create more impact. That’s the tagline from Platform University, a subscription based, online resource where I learn how to blog better, lead better, and communicate my message more effectively using the modern technology available to us today.

Michael Hyatt himself is reason enough to love Platform University. A father of five daughters, New York Times best selling author, and former CEO of a major publishing company, Hyatt knows a thing or two about leadership, management, and the art of getting things done. These days he’s a successful entrepreneur who built his online business using a model and formula that solopreneurs like you and I can easily replicate.

Rather than gush about Michael Hyatt in general – the blog, the books, the website, the podcast, etc. – I’d like to focus on Platform University specifically.

Below are 5 reasons why I love Platform University and how my membership to Platform University helps me reach more people and create more impact.

Master Classes. Master classes are online video tutorials that walk you through the “how-to” of building your platform. They include interviews of world-class experts in their field like Amy Porterfield, the world’s leading expert on Facebook marketing or Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, and nationally recognized branding expert Donald Miller. Best of all, the Master Classes give you specific, actionable steps you can take as you create and build your online platform.

Backstage Passes. Backstage passes go in detail on how Michael Hyatt and his team get things done. Personal and professional branding can go out of style faster than a pair of animal print Zubaz. In “Behind the Scenes of the MichaelHyatt.com Rebrand” Michael goes into detail about why he decided to rebrand his already successful website and how he did it. He shares specific steps you and I can take to “get wow results”, and advice on how to get affordable design help. In fact, I will be referring to this backstage pass frequently as I consider my redesign later this year.

Platform U How To. It’s really the “How To” that I love most about Platform University. Unlike other websites and tutorials I have followed, Platform University provides high quality, realistic how-to advice that I can use. My personal pet peeve (well, one of the many) is when so-called experts provide advice that is so commonplace as to be meaningless. Did you really not know that sugary drinks are a bad idea for your diet plan? Tell me something I don’t know already! That’s what Platform U How To does. Upcoming How To events include, “How to Generate Recurring Revenue for Your Site” and “How to Get 1,000 People to Read Your Blog Post” (I need that one).

Live Q and A. Platform University is super affordable, in part because you don’t have a lot of one-on-one time with Michael directly. But there are opportunities to ask questions and learn from others including members of Michael’s team and experts featured on the Master Classes. If you can’t make the live Q and A, no problem. A replay is always available.

Practical advice from one who has been there before. This is really the best part about Platform University. Michael built his blog and platform one subscriber at a time, just like you and me. Ten years ago his subscribers numbered in the hundreds. Today they number in the hundreds of thousands.

During one of his online events, I asked Michael if his blog success was due to the success he’s had as a NY Times best selling author and social media expert. He responded that he was only able to become a NY Times best selling author and social media expert because of his blog and the platform he has built.

Platform University is your opportunity to learn from his successes and mistakes, and shorten your learning curve as you create and build your own online platform.

Why Platform U

One of my goals with my blog is to share information with clients and others to help them reach their retirement and financial goals more effectively. For many of you, that means becoming self-employed, generating additional sources of income, or redefining the concept of “work” as you enter the next phase of your life. Developing your own on-line platform is a great way to do that.

Whether you have a product, a service or an idea to sell, Platform University will help you understand how to reach more people and create more impact in today’s increasingly noisy world — especially if you are self-employed or own a small business.

To learn more, visit Platform University where you can opt in for additional free information.

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