Pie Day. 3.14 Reasons to Create a Financial Plan

Plan. Invest. Enjoy.

Photo by Lucy Heath on Unsplash

March 14. Pi Day to the math nerd’s of the world. It’s more than just a convenient way to calculate the circumference of a circle or an excuse to eat your favorite dessert. It’s also a great reminder that financial planning can help you come full circle in your financial life as well.

MoneyGuide Pro, the top rated financial planning software created by Pie Technologies, helps financial advisors like me help our clients reach their financial goals be creating a financial plan that helps them get a more clear picture of their current financial situation, define their goals, and create actionable strategies to reach their long and short-term financial goals such as paying for college or achieving financial independence.

Feel free to contact me to create your customized financial plan. I would love to show you how close you are to crossing the bridge to a confident retirement.

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