Pie Day. 3.14 Reasons to Create a Financial Plan

Plan. Invest. Enjoy.

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March 14. Pi Day to the math nerd’s of the world. It’s more than just a convenient way to calculate the circumference of a circle or an excuse to eat your favorite dessert. It’s also a great reminder that financial planning can help you come full circle in your financial life as well.

MoneyGuide Pro, the top rated financial planning software created by Pie Technologies, helps financial advisors like me help our clients reach their financial goals be creating a financial plan that helps them get a more clear picture of their current financial situation, define their goals, and create actionable strategies to reach their long and short-term financial goals such as paying for college or achieving financial independence.

Feel free to contact me to create your customized financial plan. I would love to show you how close you are to crossing the bridge to a confident retirement.

To learn more about PIE Tech and the wonderful people that help me help you, click on the video below:





Use This Easy Hack To Leverage Your 2017 Tax Refund


It’s March. The time of year when the early tax filers start to see their tax refunds in the mail. Marketers, sales people, car dealers and just about everyone with a product or service to sell knows this and are out to separate you from your money.

The IRS estimates that the average tax filer will receive a refund check of about $3,050. Here in MN, taxpayers can expect an average tax refund of $2,430.

That kind of money won’t change your life, but what you choose to do with it now can make a big difference over time. Rather than spending it on more stuff that you don’t need, consider leveraging your tax refund for even greater benefit in the future by using this easy hack: 

New Video Series Answers Clients’ FAQ’s

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a will and a living trust? Or how your social security benefits are calculated?

Maybe you have questions regarding what Required Minimum Distributions are, when you need to take them and how much you need to take out.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients. Recently, I put together a series of short, easy-to-understand and informational videos to help answer questions like these.

You will find them here

Or perhaps you just need to know a little more About Mike Branch. You will find that here too.

Is there a question you need answered? Let me know and I may post a video based on your feedback.

Use This Nifty Net Price Calculator To Estimate College Expenses

how to determine what your favorite college will really cost after accounting for scholarships and financial aid



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The price of a college education has never been higher. According to the College Board, the average private college now costs over $34,000 per year. And that’s just for tuition and fees. Throw in room and board, books, and other expenses for four years and the total cost could exceed $250,000 by the time your future scholar walks across the graduation stage.

To complicate things, every school is different. Prices vary. Scholarship opportunities and financial aid vary as well. As I have said before, financial aid varies from school to school, family to family, and even student to student within the same family.

Even if you don’t believe you will qualify for any financial aid, you will want to use this nifty calculator to get an estimate of what you can expect to pay at the specific schools your student is considering. 

Why Financial Planning Is An Act Of Love

3 ways your financial plan says "I love you"

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According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an estimated $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. With a little more than half of the American population participating in Valentine’s Day giving, that breaks down to about $143 per person.

While chocolates, candied hearts or a night out on the town can be great ways to express your love, I would argue that financial planning may be the ultimate act that says, “I love you and I care about you”.

Here’s why: