My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources

College Planning ResourcesFinancial aid for college varies from school to school, family to family, and even student to student within the same family. With price tags at some schools exceeding $60,000 a year, how is a parent to make sense of it all?

To help families educate themselves on financial aid and other ways to pay less for college, I created My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources. You can download it here for free. Look for it on the right-hand side of your screen. (Hint: it’s blue and it says My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources.)

If you are a parent trying to bridge the gap between paying for college today and saving for retirement tomorrow, or if you are a grandparent who wants to help your grandkids pay less for college, this free resource guide is for you.

In it you will learn…

  • How to determine the net price of the colleges you are considering
  • Which government website is the go-to resource for federal financial aid
  • The must-read blogs and websites for the latest in college planning strategies
  • The one IRS publication that explains how to save thousands of dollars in taxes when you pay for college
  • The single best resource designed specifically for Minnesota parents who have kids who want to go to college. (By the way, it’s also a great resource for parents who are not Minnesota residents)
  • And more

Here’s what others are saying about My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources

  • Actually, testimonials are prohibited in my business (believe it or not), so I never bothered to ask anyone, but I hope if I did, they might say nice things…even if it’s just about the graphic design of the cover.

I have cultivated My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resource over a period of years. Some of these resources you may be familiar with, but many will be new to you and you won’t find them in a typical Google search for college planning or financial aid.

I believe this guide could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours as you do your college planning research. Download it today!