July 4th Starts Off Your Third Quarter With a Bang

The Branch Family

The Branch Family

Bonfires and fireworks. Trips to the lake. Great food and beer (maybe a little too much beer). Friends and family. The occasional trip to the ER. And the best weather of the year.

These are the hallmarks of a great July 4th weekend in Minnesota.

Recently the financial website, Wallethub, ranked Minneapolis as the 2nd best city in which to celebrate Independence Day 2016. Curiously, they ranked our weather 34th, just below Reno, Nevada. But we ranked #1 when it came to “Attractions and Activities”.

St. Paul came in 29th overall, but they beat out other notable towns like L.A., Austin and Tampa.

The survey looked at America’s 100 largest cities and evaluated their July 4th swagger by considering various categories such as length of the fireworks shows, food and attractions, events, entertainment, the local price of gas and hotels, and weather.

Of course, we don’t need a survey to tell us what we already know: there is no place better than Minnesota during the summer, regardless of the weekend.

My family and I kicked off the celebrations early with fireworks in Anoka on July 3rd, my daughter’s birthday. Monday, my dad and I did the Watermelon Ride – a 25-mile bike ride in and around Shoreview. He was kind enough to slow down so I wouldn’t fall too far behind. We even managed to get in a day at the lake and bonfire in the backyard.

I hope you and your family were able to enjoy a safe and fun Independence Day weekend as well.