How To Pay Less for College in Less Than 90 minutes

6Step Action PlanFor many families the only thing standing between them and retirement are the college tuition bills they have to pay between now and then.

To help families pay less for college (and have more money for retirement) I developed a Six-Step Action Plan to Pay Less for College that I include as part of my 90-minute Pay Less for College presentation at local high schools.

Step One. The first step in my Six-Step Action Plan: Determine which schools are the best financial fit.

Some schools focus on meeting a family’s financial need. Others focus their financial aid dollars on kids who have the best academic merit. And quite a few offer little to no help at all for the typical middle-class student.

Which schools are the best financial fit for you and your student? Paying less for college depends almost entirely on getting that question right. In my workshop you will learn how to tell which schools are most affordable and why it’s not always the school with the lowest “sticker price”.

Be a smart consumer. Paying less for college isn’t rocket science, but it does require that you educate yourself and become a smart consumer of a college education.

At my workshop I help families learn how to increase their eligibility to receive financial aid. We also discuss the three critical questions every family must answer before choosing a college. And I share 6 specific ideas that any family can use to pay less for college regardless of your income or your student’s academic status.

Best of all, parents who attend the Pay Less for College workshop walk away with specific tools and resources to help them create their own action plan to pay less for their kids’ college education.

It’s free. Pay Less For College is free and open to the public. But I am doing this presentation in October and November only. 30 days from now it will be all over – until next year.

Can’t make it to a workshop? No problem. Download my eBook Pay Less for College from It’s my workshop in a written format. Normally $2.95, my eBook will be available for free for 5 days beginning October 14th.

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