Have You Noticed Anything Different About My Website Lately?

photo-1463412855783-af97e375664bNo? That’s OK. The changes are subtle.

Like a man who suddenly shaves off his mustache after 20 years, the face of my website may look oddly different, but you may not be able to say exactly how it’s different. So let me help you out.

Below are 5 tweaks to my website that you may not have noticed.

The general look and feel of the new site is basically unchanged. Same name. Same Stone Arch Bridge across the top. Same old mug on the right-hand side bar. However, there are a few things that have been tweaked just a tince.


New tabs across the top. Well, some new tabs anyway. Clients have always been able to gain account access through my website, but previously the Client Accounts tab was buried in another tab making it hard to find. With the new site you can access your accounts by clicking the Client Accounts tab at the end of the top navigation bar, just above the photo of the Stone Arch Bridge.

Other tabs may come and go in the future. The Speaking and Events tab, for example, may be added or deleted based on my speaking schedule or other public events we are hosting. Some of this is seasonal and it doesn’t make sense to have it take up page space when there is nothing to report.

New headshot. I am always disappointed when I meet a professional for the first time and discover that they look nothing like their professional photo would suggest. While we all want to hang on to the beauty of our youth as long as possible, it seems disingenuous to use an old photo that doesn’t show you as you are today.

Thanks to the pros at KeliComm Headshots my photo is current and up-to-date. Best of all, I am able to keep the photos of others on my team current as well. You will see those photos in the weeks to come.

Blog posts are organized by topic. Not all of my clients and readers are interested in college planning. Of those who are, some may not be as focused on tax planning or retirement. The previous layout included categories that viewers could search, but organizing the main topics and putting them under their own tab makes it a little easier to find those blog posts that appeal to you most.

Better analytics. This is a behind the scenes adjustment. The new website design also allows me to know which blog posts and topics are read and shared the most. That way I can tailor my content more specifically to the interests of my clients and readers rather than taking a stab in the dark. A famous marketer once said the secret to success it to find out what your customers want, and give it to them. This is my attempt to do that. By giving you more of what you want I hope to make this website more useful to you.

A Free Portfolio Risk Analysis tool. Earlier this year I started offering clients a risk analysis tool that helps determine how much stock market risk they can handle. Using a slider and a simple questionnaire, the risk analysis tool helps users determine how much stock market risk they could handle over a six-month period. Then it allows you to adjust one of two variables: decrease market risk while keeping your potential investment return the same OR keeping your level of risk the same but increasing your potential reward.

This result is a “Risk Number” which represents a range of returns that you may be comfortable with when you invest your college or retirement savings. The next step is to compare your Risk Number to the Risk Number of your investment portfolio to be sure the two are in sync.

I help clients implement this tool when we do our regular review meetings. Readers who are not clients can access this tool for a limited time via the blog. You will find it on the right-hand side of the page, just above my headshot.

Time to Get Noticed! I updated my blog and website so that I could create more fresh content for my clients and to do it more easily and in less time. I want the content to be current and relevant and available in different formats.

If I produce a slideshow for parents who want to Pay Less For College, I want them to be able to download the slides from this website. If I produce eBook, a webinar, a quarterly video update or other unique content, I want them to be able to access that content here as well.

This new format, also known as the Get Noticed! theme for WordPress, should allow me to do all of that – and then some.

I don’t want to telegraph all of my next moves, but I am excited about the opportunities that this new format makes possible and I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks ahead!