Fun and Fabulous Financial Aid February

photo-1416677357736-79cd2bce22c5February is Financial Aid Awareness Month and I pan to kick it off by devoting 100% of this month’s blog content to helping you get more financial aid for college, avoid student loan debt, pay less for your kids’ or grandkids’ college education.

This month you can expect to see bonus content in addition to my regular weekly posts, links to my favorite college planning resources, and maybe even some free giveaways.

If you don’t have kids in high school or college, much of this month’s content may not apply to you. However, next month I will be back to posting my regular retirement planning content.

In the meantime, please consider sharing links to these posts with your friends or family members who do have college-bound students.

Pay Less for College. Every Wednesday in February my eBook, Pay Less for College will be offered on for a fabulously low price that anyone can afford …. FREE!

Pay Less for College is the written version of my live college planning workshop of the same name. In it I share a process I have used successfully for the past 10 years to help families become smarter consumers of a college education and pay less for their kids’ college education.

I call it my Six Step Action Plan to Pay Less for College™ , and I believe that if you follow the steps I outline in this action plan, you can provide your kids’ the education they deserve without risking your retirement in the process.

But you will have to act fast. Our compliance department approved this material for a two-year window that will expire soon. At the end of February Pay Less for College will be pulled down from and no longer available.

My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources. I believe it’s possible to provide your kids the college education they need without putting your own retirement at risk, but to do that you have to educate yourself about how the financial aid system works and learn how to discover the best ways to pay less for college.

If you haven’t done so already, download My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources on the right hand corner of this website. In it you will find some of the tools and resources I use every day to help families pay less for college.

Don’t dawdle. At the end of my Fun and Fabulous Financial Aid February event I will remove My Favorite College Planning Tools and Resources from the website to be replaced with something new and fresh.

Throughout the month of February, I will list additional free resources and include links to websites in my blog posts. Follow me this month and learn how to make the most of college financial aid, avoid student loan debt pay LESS for your kids’ college education.