Confused About Those Letters Behind Your Advisor’s Name?

Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

CFP, CPA, CLU? What do the letters behind your financial advisor’s name mean and which type of advisor is right for you?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (aka FINRA) lists over 183 professional designations on their website. Knowing what each one is can help you choose a financial advisor that may have specialized training and expertise to help meet your needs.

The short video below explains what the most common designations mean and the type of financial professional most likely to use each one.



FINRA does not endorse any professional designation or credential. In fact, many financial designations are total #&@^%$!, and are often banned by reputable broker-dealers and others in the industry.

Of course, even the most highly regarded credentials don’t guarantee success. As you would with any professional, do your homework, ask questions and do a quick background check before sharing your data or making any serious commitments.