Change Is Coming

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

August is a funny month. It’s still very much summertime. The MN State Fair is weeks away, and kids haven’t even started to think about the coming school year.

Yet, change is in the air.

By the end of the month the days are a little shorter; the evenings a little crisper. And slowly we will accept the reality that summer is in its final days.

But change can be a good thing, leading to fresh starts, new beginnings and new ways of doing things.

Drumroll please…

This fall I will be launching my new website. Yay!

It’s been five years since I have updated my website and the time for something new has come.

After Labor Day you will see a new look and feel to the website, but the website address, the content and basic information will be the same. Think of it as a major remodel of my existing home rather than a complete move to a new neighborhood.

One difference with the new site will be that all my old blog posts will no longer be viewable on the website. We will have new, original posts each week, but I won’t be able to transfer over most of my previous posts to the new site. 

Old blog posts will be archived and possibly converted into an e-book, but not viewable on the website. Since those posts will soon come down, I am hesitant to put much time into creating more new and original content until the new website is launched.

So, for the remainder of the summer I will repost a few posts from the past, updated with current numbers when necessary. I might even take a week (or two) off at the end of the month.

Rest assured that with the launch of the new website, I will resume weekly blog posts.

Until then, have a happy rest of the summer.

Maybe I will see you at the fair!