After 25 Years, This Is What I Am Thankful For


November 22nd, 1992.

That was my first official day as a financial planner. For several months, I had been working hard to get licensed, establish a network of contacts, and get set up to hit the ground running, but Wednesday, November 22, 1992 was my official first day on the job.

My manager generously allowed me to celebrate by taking the next day off. The fact that the next day was Thanksgiving and he wanted to spend it with his family, I am sure was just a coincidence.

Back then, the only days we had off were Sundays and major Federal holidays. The Friday after Thanksgiving was not one of them. So, on Friday the 24th I was back at it – or maybe I should say “at it” since I hadn’t really even gotten started yet.

Thanks for giving me a break.

Have you ever wondered where you would be today if certain people hadn’t given you a break along the way?

I have.

In fact, the list of people in my life who have given me a break along the way is way to long to go over in a blog post. However, 25 years ago there were two specific people who gave me a break that changed everything.

Joe Lambrecht, a young divisional manager at IDS (now Ameriprise), and Gordon Weber, my training manager, gave me the break I needed to get a start in this business.

They gave me the opportunity and taught me the skills I needed to help families save and invest, plan for college and retirement, and make smart financial decisions along the way. Certainly, there have been countless others who have helped me since then, but these were the two that rang the opening bell.

25 years later I enjoy a successful career and work for about 125 families. No doubt, I have been able to influence hundreds more through my workshops and seminars, blog posts, and various client relationships I have had over the years. The ripple effect of these relationships and the total outcome of the opportunity that a couple of young managers at IDS gave me in 1992 are impossible to know.

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I want to express my gratitude for the all people in my life who have taken a chance, given me a break and made a difference in my life.

What are you thankful for?