5 Steps Parents Must Take This Month To Pay Less For College Next Year

My kids started back to school on September 5th, the day after Labor Day. For our family, the day after Labor Day marks a major shift in our calendar – and our thinking!  After a long, fun summer filled with vacations, church camps and time spent with friends and family, it’s back to work, back to school, back to the regular routine. (And some would say, “not a moment too soon.”)

If any of your kids are starting their senior year in high school this year, you need to add, “it’s back to college planning” to that list. With the college financial aid deadlines looming, you need to act fast if you want to get your kids into a school that is not only a good academic fit, but one that is a good financial fit as well.

Labor Day is Your Day

September 4th is Labor Day. The day in which we honor and celebrate America’s working class and their significant contribution to our nation’s economic success. Originally established in 1894 to honor the budding Labor Movement, today’s Labor Day is widely lauded as the grand finale to the carefree spirit of summer and the unofficial signal to “get back to work”.

Labor Day recognizes the social and economic contributions that over 158 million Americans make by going to work each day. It’s also an opportunity to remember the blood and sweat and sacrifice that went into improving work life for so many of us. Thankfully, very few Americans work the 12-hour days and 6-day weeks that were common a century ago, and our children can spend their time in school rather than in factories or fields.

Whether you are blue collar, white collar, a day laborer, entrepreneur, or internet mogul, if you go to work to produce goods and services that grow our economy, improve the quality of life for others or help make your community and the world a better place, this day is for you.

Your work is important. Thank you for what you do.

From the Archives: Two Rules My Grandmother Had About Money, and What They Mean For Your Investments

Betty Kelly 3.4.24

When I was a kid my family would sit around and play cards for money – usually nickel ante poker and games like that. The stakes were never very high, but it was enough money in those days that a kid could get into some trouble if he wasn’t careful. A big pot might be $50, but in 1978 that was a lot of money.

Rule #1: Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose.

Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Eclipse Your Kids’ Financial Future

In light of this week’s solar eclipse and the astronomical amount of student loan debt many young people accumulate these days, I thought you might enjoy this re-post from February of 2016. If you are a parent or grandparent with high school or college aged kids and you are struggling with how to pay less for college, download My Favorite College Planning Tools on the right side of this web page, and click the Speaking & Events tab at the top of the page for a list of times and dates of my fall college planning workshops.

The Bridge will return with all new, original content on September 6th.

Gearing Up For An August Blog Break

There is nothing like a Minnesota summer vacation. It’s the one time of year when we Minnesotan’s can actually brag about our weather and enjoy living in MN to the fullest. Well, most days anyway.

Since many of my readers will be taking some last minute time off to enjoy what is left of summer (and perhaps not reading my blog posts), I though this would be a good time to take a short blog break before I get busy again in the fall.

So after over 180 consecutive blog posts I am announcing the first ever August Blog Break. Consider it a summer vacay from the blog.

Not to worry. The blog break is very temporary. Just a few short weeks before I am back with a ton of new content to help readers pay less for college, maximize retirement income and cross the bridge to a confident retirement.

In the meantime, go to the lake! Ride your bike! Catch some fish! Eat ice cream! Hang out at the State Fair! Sleep under the stars!

Do whatever it takes to make the most of the rest of your summer because once Labor Day comes and goes, it’s back to work.

For those who really must get their weekly fix of The Bridge I will re-post some of the my most popular blog posts of the last four years. If you are a new subscriber, this new-to-you content may be just what you need to get up to speed with your personal finances. Long-time subscribers and clients may benefit from a quick review as well.

Look for my next original blog post on September 6th.