Gearing Up For An August Blog Break

There is nothing like a Minnesota summer vacation. It’s the one time of year when we Minnesotan’s can actually brag about our weather and enjoy living in MN to the fullest. Well, most days anyway.

Since many of my readers will be taking some last minute time off to enjoy what is left of summer (and perhaps not reading my blog posts), I though this would be a good time to take a short blog break before I get busy again in the fall.

So after over 180 consecutive blog posts I am announcing the first ever August Blog Break. Consider it a summer vacay from the blog.

Not to worry. The blog break is very temporary. Just a few short weeks before I am back with a ton of new content to help readers pay less for college, maximize retirement income and cross the bridge to a confident retirement.

In the meantime, go to the lake! Ride your bike! Catch some fish! Eat ice cream! Hang out at the State Fair! Sleep under the stars!

Do whatever it takes to make the most of the rest of your summer because once Labor Day comes and goes, it’s back to work.

For those who really must get their weekly fix of The Bridge I will re-post some of the my most popular blog posts of the last four years. If you are a new subscriber, this new-to-you content may be just what you need to get up to speed with your personal finances. Long-time subscribers and clients may benefit from a quick review as well.

Look for my next original blog post on September 6th.


Independence Day? How About Independence Week?!

My greatest passions – when I am not hard at work for my clients, that is – are fishing, traveling and photography. Put them together and I am ALL my glory.

This week my family and I will be celebrating Independence Day Week in Sun Valley, Idaho, where my youngest daughter is attending a figure skating camp. I am told the scenery is spectacular, the rivers are loaded with ginormous fish, and they have an awesome fireworks display on the 4th of July!

If I can put down the fishing rod long enough, I hope to get some great fireworks photos this year. In the past, however, fireworks photos have been a real challenge for me.

For some tips I checked out this great article on fireworks photos from Digital Photography School. I thought you might find it helpful as well.

Whatever you are doing this week, I hope you are doing what you love with the people you love. I know I will be.

Isn’t that what this country is all about?

Happy July 4th!

Instead of Goal Setting, Tim Ferris Suggests This

Photo Credit: Luanne Olson

Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week and host of the Tim Ferris Show podcast has an interesting take on goal setting. Rather than set goals, define and address the fears that hold you back instead.

In a recent TED talk Tim Ferris asks “Where in your life might defining your fears be more important than defining your goals?”

According to Ferris, it’s the fear of the worst-case scenario that keep us from making the hard choices we sometimes face in life. And it’s often the hard choices that we most need to make. Most of the time the benefits of defining your fears and addressing life’s difficult decisions head-on can lead to a much better outcome than if we do simply nothing.

He offers a simple strategy to keep fear from standing between you and your goals.

Before Sending Your Student Off to College, Do This

Imagine the following situation: It’s 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day. The birds are singing. The sun is out – finally! Everything seems right with the world. Standing in line at your favorite coffee shop, you receive a phone call that your daughter was found unresponsive in her dorm room. She has been rushed to the emergency room at a hospital that you have never heard of before.

When you get there the hospital’s medical team refuses to give you any information about her condition or what kind of care she is receiving. They won’t even tell you what is wrong with her. As an adult she has a legal right to privacy that prevents the hospital from disclosing any personal, medical information.

While this may seem unlikely, it can happen. Do you know what you need in order to be involved in her care, now that she’s a legal adult?

One Way to Remember Those Who Served

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Coming from a military family, Memorial Day never goes unnoticed in my family. Last year we recognized Memorial Day with a visit to the Fort Snelling National Cemetery where several family members are buried. This year I am considering a trip to the Minnesota History Center where they currently have an exhibit that focuses on WWI.

One of the best ways to recognize those who gave their lives in service to our country as well as to get a better understanding of how war has shaped the lives of the people who lived through them is to read a book of historical nonfiction – especially one set during the war years.