Don’t Be Foolish. Backup Your Data.

markus-spiske-207946My car has 180,000 miles on it. Like the human body, cars age gradually, somewhat predictably and not always gracefully. Most people generally have a pretty good idea when it’s time for a new vehicle.

Not so with your computer and electronic devices. One day they work; the next day, nothing.

Imagine sitting down at your home computer only to discover it’s died overnight. No warning. No high pitched squeaky sounds or spontaneous shakes to hint that the end may be near.

Just kaput.

A lifetime of family photos and videos, your private music collection, personal contacts and important documents disappear forever.

March 31st is World Backup Day.

Why You Can’t Snap Up A Stock at the IPO and That’s OK.

sticker-mule-199257Google, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Snapchat. The list of “hot” companies that have gone public in recent years is long indeed. Not surprisingly, when popular companies go public the interest in purchasing shares of their stock at the Initial Public Offering or IPO always spikes.

Who wouldn’t want to get in on the ground floor of what may be the next big thing?

5 Ways Women Can Close the Investment Gap

les-anderson-164521Many of today’s women know a lot about money. Janet Yellen is the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Christine Lagarde leads the International Monetary Fund. And countless other women have accumulated a sizable net worth simply by saving and investing – just like many men have.

Still, a gap exists between men and women when it comes to personal finance and investing. According to studies done by global money management firm, Blackrock, less than half of all women have any interest in investing.

Or so they say.

Why Women Should March Towards Financial Independence

Abigail Adams statue, Boston. Photo credit:

Abigail Adams statue, Boston, Mass. Photo credit:

March is women’s history month. More than a century before women were given the right to vote, Abigail Adams became one of the first major female investors in American history. America’s second First Lady, she managed the family finances and did so quite well, accumulating a sizable estate through bond trading and other shrewd investments.