If Zombies and Axe Murderers Don’t Scare You On Halloween, This Will

photo-1470010616600-f7f4b40e81f8Like a monster from a horror movie, your health insurance premiums just won’t stay down. Last year, the self-employed and others in the so-called “individual market” for private health insurance saw their premiums increase by as much as 50% or more.

They’re ba-ack! This year, they are up again. Insurance premiums for people who get their health insurance through MNSure and the individual market will see premium increases of as much as 50% to 67% and that’s assuming their current policy is even available next year.

How To Find Missing Money You Didn’t Even Know You Lost

photo-1459257831348-f0cdd359235fI once found a $5 bill in my pocket when I put on a jacket I hadn’t worn in a long time. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. You would have thought I had won the lottery.

But who wouldn’t be excited? Nothing beats the thrill of finding missing money you didn’t even know you lost.

So imagine my reaction when I recently discovered that I had over $100 in unclaimed property!